Looking for that snapshot of your soul?

Curiosity, fun, emotional and/or physical pain, past lives, relationships, blocks to communication, and connections with spiritual entities (both positive and negative) are all reasons to receive a reading. Many readings include healing work, and this is achieved by providing information and then using a variety of techniques to facilitate change. What happens in a reading works well in conjunction with formal medical treatment – both traditional and non-traditional – and also enhances other types of energetic healing such as Reiki.

While a reading can trigger profound growth and change, having a reading is not a magic bullet to instantly “fix” your reality. Instead, it is a boost to your internal spiritual journey – a way to clear the blocks that hold you back from moving forward or let go of pain that you have been unable to release.

I love what I do because I get to watch as someone hears that “one thing” that triggers change so deep that their entire energetic system shifts. There is a flash of joy as I verbalize a lie someone “holds as a truth,” and they realize that it really is a lie, and let it go. I enjoy the variety of issues people bring to me – those on a serious spiritual journey and those who just want to have a bit of fun.

A reading is not like therapy or ongoing treatment. This is not something where you have repeat appointments once a week or even once a month. People process information at different rates. Some people have a reading a couple times a year; some have one and that lasts them a lifetime, others have one every year or two. When someone asks when they should come back, I always give them the same answer: You’ll know when it is time.

I do not read the future, and I do not give advice, but I can usually provide information about your options so that you can make an informed choice.  If you are interested in getting a reading, check out the different offerings to determine what would best fit for you, or contact me to schedule an appointment.