These are some of the many testimonials of Heidi's work.

Kelly's Testimonial - Brighton, Colorado

Heidi has done readings for me many years now. Every time that she has given me a reading it has always had a positive impact on me personally and my situation. I will always have something in specific I will ask her for her help on and it is usually something that I am really stumped about. Heidi will never tell me what to do or give out personal advice, she objectively looks into the situation energetically to see what is going on.

Cate's Testimonial - Tacoma, Washington

Working with Reverend Buswell was both delightful and insightful.  Although I meditate on a regular basis, I’d never had an aura reading done.  I had no idea what to expect.  She came to my house, and we sat in the garden. She read each of my chakras, giving me information, answering questions, and helping me clear energetic blocks.  The reading was powerful, both in terms of accuracy and long lasting impact.  Heidi possesses genuine charisma.  She connects to the Divine with humbleness, humor and grace.

Erin's Testimonial - Berkeley, California

I have worked with Heidi for several years now and I can't recommend her highly enough.  She has a unique gift that enables her to tap into those emotional wounds that are so deep as to cause physical distress.  Over the years she has helped me shift a lot of emotional blocks and has even eliminated a stubborn back pain that a variety of medical experts were unable to fix.

Kathy's Testimonial - Winlock, Washington

I have experienced many readings with Heidi and have taken her meditation class. Heidi's unique style of energy work has enabled me to move forward spiritually, mentally and physically.

Tressa's Testimonial - Rockwood, Ontario

I have been fortunate enough to have had readings from Rev. Heidi over the past 30 years. Each time it is as though she has a laser beam focus that can cut through all the bs and focus on what really needs light. She creates safety and brings wisdom, humour and clarity to each reading. I am always amazed at the speed with which she can move energy, clear all the clutter and junk out and allow more space for the pure light within, reconnecting us with our own divine source of wisdom and love. I feel like I have had an energetic spring clean and feel clear and at peace afterwards.