Spiritual Grace: Create it Yourself

When people think of grace, they usually mean physical grace – a smooth, coordinated, movement that looks easy but incorporates strength, balance, coordination and fluidity.

To understand spiritual grace, simply apply the hallmarks of physical grace to your energetic system. Spiritual grace is the fluid, strong, and balanced movement of your energy through your space. When this occurs, you are in control of your energy and your energetic system, contained within your own space, and easily able to process the things you want to release.

When thinking about spiritual grace, people often confuse it with religious overtones: By the Grace of God; Thanks to Divine Grace…; or He was in a State of Grace when he passed. God’s Grace simply means God’s favor or God’s blessing – which everyone already has – even the people you don’t like.

Spiritual grace is something you create yourself and is predominately an internal practice or attitude. However, there are external manifestations:

  • Grace Under Fire: Typically, this refers to a person who responds cleanly, from within their own space and in control of their energy, when someone aggressively confronts them.
  • Coping with Illness: When someone has a serious illness such as cancer, spiritual grace is shown by accepting the situation and then using the experience to dig under the surface as a way to grow and heal.
  • Smooth Transitions in Growth: We all experience periods of growth and change – energetic ups and downs or difficulty processing painful memories or emotions. Spiritual grace shows as a smooth and consistent energetic presence as you work through your issues from within your own space.
  • Love: Perhaps the clearest manifestation of spiritual grace is love. Love that shows in acts of kindness big and small. Love as an attitude toward the world; toward yourself; toward God and toward other people. It is the look my Dad gave my Mom just before she had surgery – full of compassion, support and amusement. It is the person who “pays it forward” so someone else gets a cup of coffee on a cold day. It is a co-worker going a bit out of their way to make someone else’s job easier.

Moving through life with deliberate spiritual grace isn’t something we typically think about. Sure, we’re pretty good at owning our space, or remembering to ground, or letting go of fear. But grace? That’s a bit of a stretch.

This is a problem with perspective rather than practice.

When you meditate – even only a few minutes here and there during the day – you take control of your energy. You focus your attention within your own space and process things you want to release. You ARE grounded. You ARE letting go of fear. You ARE a healing presence in the world – for yourself and for others. You create, for yourself, a state of spiritual grace.

So, go with grace.