Letting Go of Fear

I hesitated for a long time about creating a website. I had many fears, but they all boiled down to the idea that people would either like it so much that I would be overwhelmed by the response, or it would be ignored completely. I wasn’t really worried about people NOT liking the site – I deal all the time with people who don’t approve of psychics and counted this group as a given.  

So I asked myself where all this fear was coming from – fear of being seen, fear of shining in the world, fear of attracting unwanted attention, fear of being vulnerable. The answer was simple – it came from a lack of trust. Not a lack of trust in the world, but a lack of trust in myself.

I wasn’t sure that I was capable of owning my space to manage the additional energetic attention a website would generate.  I wasn’t sure that I even wanted to go to the effort of making the attempt. I mean, who would care about what I had to say? (Apparently a lot of people do since several different ones kept prodding me to write the silly thing and put my thoughts and information out there for the world to poke at.)

I hung in stasis for a long time; messing with the idea of a website without moving forward. Thinking about what I wanted without really facing the fear. Then, one day I was listening to an audio book when the answer popped out at me. I had to reverse the book and listen to it again and I heard the same thing:  If you fill your heart with love, there’s not a lot a room left for fear. Well thank you Suzanne Brockmann. This reminded me of something that I’d learned long ago. Contrary to popular opinion, the opposite of love is not hate; it’s fear.

Suddenly creating the website became much more important – or rather I stopped pretending that creating the website was no big deal.

I have the techniques I need to release fear from my space and replace it with love. The problem wasn’t how to process my internal changes, the problem was figuring out what I needed to change. With the changes now highlighted in neon, I got to work.

The fears still come up – I freely admit that I worry about how the universe will respond to this website that is months in the making. But when the fear arises, instead of ignoring it or dismissing it as silly or unreasonable, I am taking the time to clear it away and fill the space it left with love.

The love doesn’t have a target – it is not a love of anything in particular. It is also not a self-aggrandizement. It is simply the energetic vibration of love: empowering, forgiving, and enduring. It is a never failing source of power that is free to any and all who want it – like a flow of clean water – to wash away hate and fear.

Love is a choice, a perspective on the world. I personally choose to view the world through the perspective of love, compassion and kindness. There are other viewpoints – like scarcity, hate, and competition – that are viewed as more realistic and/or powerful, but that is just the influence of fear.

Replace fear with love when you find it in your life’s view, and watch the world change.