Shared Wisdom

These articles are here to inspire thought and provide insight, perspective, and support. Use them as a resource, or as the starting point for a new healing project.

Letting Go of Fear

There are many things in the world right now that prompt us toward fear. This is a reminder that fear (like love) is a choice of perspective.

Friendship: Surviving a Loss

When you heal yourself, you change. When you change, you sometimes experience a loss of friendship. Here are three things you can do to ease the pain that comes when a friend disappears from your life.

HOPE: Verb vs Vibration

Consider Hope an "action noun" rather than a verb.

The Healing Flow

We all get stuck and then un-stuck. It is part of the process - not something to beat yourself up about.

Spiritual Grace: Create it Yourself

Spiritual Grace is simply the strong, balanced and fluid movement of your energy through your space.

Doubt: A Definition of Terms

Untangle faith, doubt, certianty and uncertantiy to find clarity.