Rose Reading

In a Rose Reading, I use the symbol of a rose to represent you, and a symbol of the sun to represent the God of your Heart. I describe the rose and any interference I see between the rose and the sun. I also mark the location of three gold rings within the rose. Once the description is done, I go back and interpret the information.

The “bud” of the rose represents your upper chakras and the hip of the rose represents your communication – internally, externally, and with God. The gold rings represent the three past lives you are currently drawing the most information from.

As part of the interpretation, I review each of the lifetimes you’re focused on explain what you are learning. People often draw on a past life to provide information regarding a current healing project; they can also be blocks that you are trying to clear, or memories of old relationships that you are revisiting.  

After I finish my part of the reading, you are free to ask for additional information. This may or may not relate back to the Rose Reading – an issue that came to light or assistance in clearing away blocks, interference, or past life information that you no longer want.

Since a Rose Reading only takes about 15 minutes, you also have time to add an Aura Reading to complete the hour, or to ask additional questions about issues that don’t relate directly to the Rose Reading. If you don’t have a lot of question, you could opt for a shorter, half-hour, session.

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