House Call Reading

People often sense energy in a building: happy, sad, creepy, weird. This doesn’t really matter if it is a place they rarely go, but it is problematic when the sad, creepy, or weird energy is in their home or work place.

Sometimes this energy comes from a being or “ghost” that is still present. Other times, the energy is the residue of something that happened in the room or the building. For example if there was a fight that involved throwing things, or people, up against a wall, some of that violent energy is retained in the wall. Similarly, if someone experienced extreme grief of joy in a particular room, the residue of that emotion can also stick. This energy can also come from other people, such as neighbors involved in some kind of dispute. 

While I can look at the energy of a specific area long distance, this reading is much more effective if I view the space in person as it is easier to pick up on the nuances.

On site, I start by walking through the entire space room by room clearing any foreign energy, residual energy, and beings as I go. Once I’ve gone through the whole building, I fill in any energetic gaps and then balance the space to the resident’s energetic comfort level.

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