Aura Reading

An hour-long aura reading is a great place to start for someone who has never experienced a psychic reading. Reviewing each layer of the aura takes 20 – 30 minutes. The balance of the reading allows time for a variety of other things: healing work on issues highlighted during the aura reading; assistance with a specific healing project; or asking additional questions, such as a review of past lives you are drawing on and what you are learning from them.

During the reading, I look at each layer of the aura. I describe the color, what it represents, and which chakra it relates to. I also review what you are working on and describe any blocks. Blocks come in many forms and include energy from another person, symbols, devices, stuck past life information, or even an out of body being.

When each of the 7 Layers have been read, I can go back and work on the different blocks that came up during the reading. I can also focus on something you want information about, or an area where you’d like some healing assistance.

The questions during a reading can take several forms. People are often confused about what to ask. Although questions can relate back to something that came up during the aura reading, some common additional questions are:

  • Do I have any beliefs blocking my spiritual growth?
  • What am I learning from my relationship with _________?
  • What is my spiritual agreement with __________?
  • Have I had any past lives with ________?
  • Do I have any spirit guides?

Questions can also relate to healing areas of physical pain in the body or an experience that you just can’t shake off. Often physical pain is some kind of energetic block – a symbol or device or even a past life that is that is blocking the normal flow of energy. Other topics that people ask questions about are relationships (both with people and things), spiritual agreements, life lessons, and emotional blocks. I don’t read the future or give advice, but other than that there aren’t any restrictions on the reading.

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