Other Resources

I am often asked two questions: "How can I learn to do this?" and "How can I connect with others focusing on spiritual development?" A good resource for both of these is the CDM Spiritual Center (https://www.cdmspiritualcenter.org/). The books and CDs available are easy to understand and great learning tools. The site also facilitates a way for group members to share their insights with each other.

Upside Down Cancer was designed to assist people dealing with physical challenges that come with having cancer or some other serious illness. The idea is to move from the fear of dying into truly thriving. This information is great for those dealing with an illness; it is also wonderful for anyone seeking to blend a spiritual focus into the practicalities of daily living.

The Westisde Wellness and Meditation Group is located in Portland, Oregon and is an excellent resource for the local community. They can be found on Facebook.