Aura Reading

Everything that is alive has an aura – an energy field that surrounds it. Your aura has 7 layers and each layer is generated by an energy center called a chakra. Each of the major chakras contains information relating to a specific topic, so in an aura reading you are given information about what you are working on in relation to each topic: survival, emotions, power, affinity, communication, clairvoyance (clear seeing), and knowingness. This reading provides a good general overview covering a wide range of topics. It also allows plenty of time for questions and healing work.



Rose Reading

This reading is a good general overview of current issues. It provides information about your current relationship with your concept of God, and looks at three past lives. This usually takes about 15 minutes, and can easily combine with an Aura Reading in a 1 hour timeframe.

Group Reading

A Group Reading is done with more than one person at a time: family, couple, work group, or several friends getting together for fun. The structure of the reading depends on the composition of the group. In a family or couples reading, it reviews the relationships and agreements between all group members. For a group of friends or co-workers, it can focus on a specific issue (office dynamics) or can be a round robin where each person is given a Rose Reading. Whatever the overall structure, each person has the opportunity to ask personal and specific questions.

Topical Reading

This reading is not appropriate for an initial session. It is for someone who has a specific issue where they want to do extensive healing work. It focuses on clearing core beliefs, symbols, implanted devices, machines, out of body beings, and then repairing the energetically damaged areas.

Questions Reading

This reading is not appropriate for an initial session. It is similar to the last half hour of an aura reading and is designed for an experienced readee with a list of questions and specific healing projects they want to address. This is not the same as a single-focus Topical Reading.

House Call Reading

People often sense foreign energy in their home. While this type of reading can be done long distance, it is much more effective as a walk through reading. I come on site and move through each room. As I go, I clear the space (home, office, facility) of disturbing energy and remove unwanted “guests” that have taken up residence.