Kelly's Testimonial - Brighton, Colorado

Heidi has done readings for me many years now. Every time that she has given me a reading it has always had a positive impact on me personally and my situation. I will always have something in specific I will ask her for her help on and it is usually something that I am really stumped about. Heidi will never tell me what to do or give out personal advice, she objectively looks into the situation energetically to see what is going on. If there is anything out of balance say for instance: foreign energies in my space that is causing confusion or perhaps a past life energy that is disrupting with present time. Heidi then performs a very effective healing that helps to realign a healthy energetic balance as well as a strong clearing that removes any blocks or foreign energies.

After Heidi's readings I always feel so well grounded, balanced and clearer. Heidi does a fantastic job explaining my situation in specific detail what is going on physically and  energetically. This gives me an objective standpoint on the situation as well as clarification.  I have even come to Heidi with specific questions such as: What is the purpose/ lesson to this ordeal? Why has this person come into my life? Heidi has also communicated with my Grandfather that had passed on many years ago and I have finally gained closure to some questions that I had for him.  Heidi doesn't just have this beautiful ability, she also posses a quality that is very hard to come by that I have always put a such a high value on which is her integrity. I trust Heidi more than anyone I know and that is because she has earned it over the years that I have worked with her through the many readings we have done together. Heidi has helped me in tremendous ways in my life through some pretty traumatic times and I can only say that I am forever grateful.