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Answers from God

People ask me all the time: How can I communicate with God? I tell them that it isn’t so much a matter of talking to God; it’s more a matter of understanding how to listen to the answers.

God responds in different ways at different times. For years, I was aware of massive amounts of pain stored in my legs and hips. Not only was I aware of this foreign energy, I had a pretty good idea of what it was and how it got there. This was not ordinary garden-variety pain it was the kind where, each time I thought about clearing it, fear struck. The kind of fear that had me screaming and out of my body so fast I thought I was on one of those "see if you can make it through to the end without throwing up on your neighbor" roller coaster rides. This recently changed.

After a very hectic and rather messy day at work, I sat down to meditate and decided not to work on any particular healing project. I wanted to spend the whole time giving my space an extra good clean out: pay attention to each chakra, balance my energy, and just generally own my whole space. After about 45 minutes, I was feeling pretty good. I decided that it was time to start dealing with THE PAIN. As I ended my meditation, I asked God to give me some kind of symbol I could use in future meditations to help cleanse and clear the energy from my legs.

My answer was quick and clear. Out in front of me appeared an image of a small black circle with a black rectangle attached to the top of it. Out of the top of the rectangle was a thick line with short thin lines coming off the tip. Just in case there was a doubt about what it was, the word "BOMB" was printed across the front in what looked like white crayon. It rotated slowly; the names Boris and Natasha appeared, in much smaller letters, across the back. To be extra clear, the two villains from Rocky and Bullwinkle appeared briefly next to the bomb and then the image disappeared.

Isn't God just too cool? The symbol validated my fear that I was dealing with something so explosive it would damage me if I attempted to "defuse" it. Yet, it was so full of humor that it put everything in perspective and reminded me of my own amusement. I realized that only about a third of the fear I experienced was related to clearing away the pain. Most of the problem linked back to the people who "planted" the bomb – my very own Boris and Natasha. By turning it all in to a cartoon, I felt validated without being overwhelmed.

However God isn’t limited to sending visuals during a meditation. Sometimes the answers come from unexpected quarters.

One morning, I was stuck (feeling lost, alone, and not real happy) without really realizing it. I got my daughter off to school and then got ready for work. It didn’t dawn on me that the cat was acting odd, following me from room to room, until he sat in the bathroom as I took my shower. As I left the bathroom, he initiated contact, brushing up against my leg and purring. "Spot's lonely," I thought, so I held him for a minute. He was happy – until I put him back down. Then he followed me much more closely. He also started to howl with increasing volume the more I ignored him.

Finally, exasperated, I bent over and picked him up. He looked me directly in the eye (something cats tend to avoid) and I heard, loud and clear, a rather annoyed voice in my head say, "Why won't you just sit still and let me love you?" Shocked, I sat down and leaned back on the sofa. Spot curled up in the center of my chest and purred for 15 minutes. While he purred, I cleared the pictures that were stuck in my fourth chakra and let him give me a healing.

So you never can tell when, or how, God will talk to you. In this instance, when I didn't get subtle, God got more direct.