Death: Words for the Living

The vibration of the planet shifted again. It’s been shifting for the past several years, but in early January of 2014 there was an actual thump.

As the planet grows brighter and the energy grows more intense, it can no longer be ignored; those of us living on Planet Earth must respond. Some people are delighted, using the planet’s energy to speed up their own growth process. Many souls, currently without bodies, see the shift and the rapid changes it generates as an exciting opportunity for learning; they are lining up to get born. However, there are many people living on the planet who have finished their life lessons or find they cannot tolerate the increased energy vibration; their time has come to leave.

Birth, life, death, birth… it is an endless cycle. While the births bring joy, there is a tendency to view death with sorrow. Sometimes it is just sad and sometimes it elevates to tragic, but it is rarely viewed as a natural progression.

Here we are in the middle of February, and tomorrow there is funeral that impacts many people in my little town – population 725. There was a funeral last weekend and one today, so it is more accurate to say that there is another funeral tomorrow. In fact, since the start of the year, there have been 6 deaths that touched my friends and immediate family.

The services to honor these people are as varied as the individuals themselves: big and splashy; small and intimate; used as an opportunity to “troll for souls,” or just a farewell among friends – without mention of redemption as the path to everlasting life. 

People ask me about death and dying and spirituality. I usually don’t answer in much detail, because many people find my response somewhat off-putting. When I started this article, I wanted to relay something deeply profound – to write about how life moves forward as a constant cycle – something to offer comfort to those who were in pain. It always turned out either clichéd or preachy, so I went with a simple list instead. Palatable or not – comforting or not – here are my thoughts on life, and death, and life as a spiritual thing, as a spiritual being:

  • Our lives are the sum of all our choices.
  • We are spiritual beings that have chosen, for a brief time, to take a body in order to learn any number of lessons.
  • We are able to communicate with each other on a spiritual level at any time; a body is not necessary.
  • Our bodies are tools – the spiritual being is in charge of the body, not the other way around.
  • We are responsible for how our life plays out through the choices we’ve made; we can change our mind – our choice – at any time. This includes our choice to have a body.
  • We choose our life, our parents, and the lessons we want to learn before birth. It follows then, that we also choose our death.
  • When it is time, the spiritual being makes the choice to leave the body permanently. The body dies, and the spiritual being moves on to the next set of lessons.
  • Eventually the spiritual being may choose another body – another life – and start the whole process again. 

Bottom Line: Dying is not a good thing or a bad thing; it is simply the next thing.

Those 6 people connected to my life – old and young, dying through natural causes or an accident – were ready to leave. It was their time to die. They chose to die at home, in a hospital, or in the woods. They left and we’re sad, and that’s fine. That’s normal, because although we can still communicate with them on a spiritual level, on a body level we simply miss having them around.