The Broken Record Response

A Single Answer

Long ago I discovered that an effective way to circumvent people who were trying to manipulate me was to simply sound like a broken record. That is, state my position, give just one response, and then stick to it. Don't respond to arguments, questions or statements in anything beyond the words I used to initially present my point of view. It works wonders, and after a while, the person gets the message.

When I was small, I allowed my personal connection with God to get severed. Then I compounded the problem by believing the people who told me that God was the one who severed it. Needless to say – this generated a lot of pain which, when I figured it out, I worked diligently to clear away.

To speed the process along, I decided to ask God for some assistance. I had some wonderful questions, intelligent, rational, logical questions basically asking how I should proceed. So, well prepared with my list of questions, I sat down to meditate and had the following conversation with God:

"Hello God."

"I love you Heidi."

"I was wondering ..."

"I love you Heidi"

"Yeah, but how ..."

"I love you Heidi"

"Okay, but what ..."

"I love you Heidi"

"I understand. Good-night God."

It was a rather humbling experience – being on the other end of a broken record. It had never happened to me before. I did, however, get the message. God loves me, and that is all I really need to know.