The principal of abundance doesn't apply to just our physical reality; it also impacts our spiritual lives.

Accepting a gift given without strings can be very difficult. Here's a perspective that can make the process easier.

Sharing who you are is a risk, but it is rewarding and exciting as well.

Spiritual Lessons can be learned anywhere ... even in the middle of a physical work out.

We are here to learn, and grow, and teach, and play; cycles have an important part.

Birth, life, death, birth… it is an endless cycle. While the births bring joy, there is a tendency to view death with sorrow. Sometimes it is just sad and sometimes it elevates to tragic, but it is rarely viewed as a natural progression.

A prayer can be as simple and as quick as a wish, a long heartfelt plea, or a formal ritual. God's response can be just as varied. The trick is to recognize the answers to a prayer when they arrive.

Meditation is more than just mindfulness: check out the "pluses."

Two beliefs guide my practice: all healing is self-healing, and through healing ourselves, we become a healing presence in the world. My role is to provide information and facilitate change. I also help people view themselves and their actions with compassion.

There isn’t anything in particular you need to do for your initial reading. However, the single thing that you can do to maximize the success of your reading is to write down your key questions and have them with you for the session. It is easy to get involved in the reading and forget your original question.